About Us

Outpost Beijing is one of approximately 50 outposts worldwide. The organization is staffed by Shell partners and offers inside information and professional services on most aspects of living abroad. It supports employees, their partners and families facing the challenges of global mobility.

Outpost Beijing provides comprehensive information and advice on global relocation, career development, and repatriation. Together with our dedicated network of volunteers, we strive to contribute to your professional and personal well being.

Accurate local information about your new host country is a key ingredient to a successful relocation. Through our own experiences and with over 5 years of helping people move all over the world, Outpost offers expert guidance on how to smoothly and effortlessly settle yourself and your family in your new country - no matter where in the world you are.

We have an extended database of information on various subjects ranging from schooling, employment, and voluntary work to one-day trips and holidays. We also host a diverse array of social events for you and your family in order to help facilitate networking during your stay in Beijing. Ask us any question and we’ll try our best to find you the best possible answer

Our Services

  • Personalised advice on planning your next assignment
  • International welcome committee for expats and repats
  • Career and Development advice for spouses
  • Provision of the Inside Guide, loaded with practical information on living in Beijing
  • Events:  information mornings, family activities
  • Cultural Awareness training for expat partners


The Newsletter (quarterly)

The Inside Guide

Newsletter front page

Packed with information about expatriate living in Beijing: what's happening in Outpost & Shell, who's coming and going, upcoming events in the city, and much more…

Inside Guide Beijing

You get it with the Outpost Welcome Package. This guide contains lots of information about housing, schools, hospital locations and a number of 'fast facts' to help you settle into the Beijing lifestyle a bit quicker.

Destination magazine

Careers & Development Guide

A Global Outpost Services publication posted to all subscribers every quarter. It contains articles written by Shell expats about their lives, experiences and thoughts from locations across the world.

Career & Development Guide

Advice for partners of Shell employees who wish to work, study or otherwise develop their skills or career during their time in Beijing. Information on work permit formalities, job search, self-employment, voluntary work and adult education. Just ask us for a copy

Outpost Beijing

Office hours: Monday - Friday 9am-12pm (Beijing Time)
Languages: English, Malay and Mandarin
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