Winter Dryness

As you already know, Beijing has four distinct seasons, which includes a very hot summer with temperatures rising up to +400C+ and 90 % humidity, as well as a very cold and extremely dry winter with  temperatures of – 100C average (-20 occasionally) and a humidity as low as 20%.

Even if you are not coming from a humid climate you still may feel that dryness of the Beijing winter, particularly indoors, due to the central heating. Your respiratory system and your skin that can be affected by it. Dry air indoors also causes lots of statics.

LotionsYou can create more comfortable indoor environment by using air humidifiers. Air humidifiers can be purchased in any household store or home appliance stores, Carrefour or such. Don’t forget to use the filtered water in your humidifier, otherwise you will get a kind of white “frosting” over your furniture and floor, as tap water in Beijing has a very high chlorine content!  

It is advisable to bring moisturizing lotion that you are used to from your home country, if you are particular of what moisturizer to use. You can buy pretty much everything in Beijing, however it may take you some time to find stuff here.


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