Water Quality

According to the Beijing Water Bureau, the water quality standards in China meet international standards set by the World Health Organisation now. These standards have been adopted by China in 2012 and Beijing was the first city in the country to implement and meet those standards. However, the problem still remains, and by the time the water reaches the tap in your house it may not be as clean anymore as it was when it left the water treatment plant. The old and rusty city pipeline certainly adds to the problem of water contamination in Beijing. Because of the high pollution of the water, simply more chlorine is used to make it cleaner, that’s why tap water in Beijing has a high chlorine content.  

Tap water in Beijing is not drinkable.

To provide yourself with cleaner and healthier water you may consider installing a filtration system in your house. There are different kinds of water filtration systems from the one covering all water supply in your house (some houses may already be equipped with it, it is something to inquire your real estate agent while looking for the house) to the simple water dispenser that is attached to a tap.

Some compounds have their own water treatment facilities, which provide clean potable water. Please check the specific compound details when looking for accommodation

Other ways for cleaner water:

-       Boiled water: Boiling usually kills most of the bacteria and reduces the chlorine content in water. 

-       Water dispenser: These are available in most appliances stores, in a variety of models. Just make sure you get the bottles for your dispenser from a reputable supplier. You can get referrals when you buy the dispenser and/or look for a water delivery company at your residential area, or nearest local supermarket.        

-       Tap water filter and shower water filter: These vary from the ones you can easily install yourself to the more complex ones for which you have to hire professionals for the installation.

-       Bottled water: This can be a temporarily solution if you are not spending a lot of time at home. You can buy bottled water pretty much everywhere, in any supermarket.

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