Hygiene Standards

Hygiene varies from amazing to poor in Beijing. Central streets of the city are very clean and spotless with the army of cleaners walking around and picking up every little cigarette bud. However once you wonder in to narrow streets of hutons or get closer to the public markets you see different picture with trash piling up in the corners and curbs.

Number of restaurants and variety of cuisines are overwhelming in Beijing, from small eateries and family owned restaurants to western-chain franchise outlets.

Hygiene standards in Beijing restaurants also vary greatly. You can ask to show the kitchen and some restaurants are happy to do it.


In 2012 World Toilet Orhanisation had ranked China as having the worst public toilets in all Asia. In response, Beijing had introduced rigorous new hygiene standards - now no more than two flies are allowed in any public toilet.

Smell in the toilet also have rating system from 1 to 6, from oudorless to heavyly stinking.

All public toilets in Beijing have an attendant who is taking care of the facility, some do really good job of keeping the establishment clean and fresh, others just by killing flies with a fly swatter.

There are still a lot of squat public toilets in Beijing, however more and more facilities have both options: squat and seating.

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